Monday, March 29, 2010


Fashion can be defined as a popular trend, style of dress or manner of behaviour. Throughout history, fashion trends have developed in regards to the times of which they apply to represent and embody particular historical instances. Different styles of dress can be indicative of geographical region, class, religion, culture and behaviour. One’s appearance is generally reflective of the way in which one would like to express oneself visibly. For me, what I choose to wear (clothing, make up, hairstyling) is as much an art as what I draw, paint, photograph or collage. It is the construction and styling of articles of clothing, accessories, etc. with degrees of attention to aesthetic qualities that demonstrate composition and colour to reflect self-expression and the application of human creative skill that categorizes this form of visual artistry. Art can be interpreted as works that have been produced with skill and imagination, while current fashion is typically manufactured skillfully by those predicting, and imagining requirements and aspirations of future fashions. Fashion is a collaborative art that demands and consists of designers, the artists that formulate and outline potential styles, the producers who construct the garments, the stylists who compose and arrange the ways in which the pieces will be showcased for the photographer who captures the concept with the help of models, who act by fulfilling the desired role of the subject, and hairstylists/makeup artists for magazine publications to advertise in order to appeal to and be consumed by the general public. I will focus mainly on captivating one-of-a-kind designs that lack practicality while maintaining an abundance of creativity by producing accessories. I will also explore the specific realms of art practices in Fashion such as designing, constructing, styling, modeling and photography, by documenting these collaborative components with the intention of proving that Fashion is not merely a method of dress, but a form of Visual Art.

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